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5 Signs That a Girl Is In Love With You But Not Saying It Out

Girls express their love to guys in subtle ways. You can be friends but she's falling for you and doesn't want to say it out. So to know if a girl is secretly in love with you, you have to watch out for the following things.

1. She gets jealous whenever you're with another girl: A girl that loves you will often display her jealous side if you are talking to other girls or unknown women. It is because she considers you more than just her friend and is scared of losing you to someone else.

2. She makes eye contact with you constantly: One of the visible signs of love is eye contact. If a girl shows peculiar signs such as looking at you intentionally and making eye contact, it means she loves and expects you to read the information in her eyes. She's simply afraid to make the first move.

3. She always tries to make you happy: Does she always try to make you happy and smile? When a woman is genuinely in love with a man she will try everything to keep him happy. She may even display a good sense of humor and go out of her way to ensure that you are always satisfied.

4. She feels nervous whenever you're beside her: It's only normal for a girl to feel nervous once in a while but when she does it constantly especially when you're with her, it simply means that she is in love with you but is hiding it.

5. Constant phone calls and text messages: Well, no lady would want to call or text a guy who she doesn't love frequently. However, if a girl calls and texts you frequently, it means that she is interested in you but and hopes that you'll understand her feelings.

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