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6 Weird Things That Will Always Happen At Nigerian Weddings

In Nigeria, a wedding is much more than the celebration of joining the lives of two people in one.

 It is when two whole families meet as one and a Nigerian wedding is an event full of bright colors, music that points to the feet and ancient traditions. Because we love wedding traditions all over the world, here's what we found out about Nigerian weddings:

This year's events have closed the wedding parties (read: temporary, because what we will do with the rest of our lives) will stop. I thought about what happens in these changes and I realized that some things have become a culture and will probably never stop.

  1. Nothing will start on time

  Well, starting things on time is still a strange concept for us. I understand why people are late for church service, but what about reception? However, this will not stop happening and we will always be proud of it.

  2. Strictly by invitation it will only happen in theory

  Trust your guests to bring one or more. The invitation card you sent is meant to admit only one person, but who cares? The better it is, right? And we wonder why food is never enough.

  3. Aspiring photographers will always show themselves

  Of course, telephone cameras make everything easier and I need to use them on every occasion. However, in his enthusiasm for taking some photos that he will eliminate in a few months, he is making the life of REAL photographers paid for making the job more difficult. But hey, this is Nigeria. They are all professionals of some kind.

  4. The "high table" will always be a big problem

  I promise I'm not an enemy. But why does the MC ask guests to applaud the people who "arrive" at the high table? Why is it such a big achievement? What is the reasoning behind this?

  5. The struggle to "spray" one another will not go out of style

  While this part of the bridal party is very glamorous, I wonder if people who tend to wake up too much the next day with clarity and a severe headache, thinking about the hole they made in their accounts. Are the hangovers of money something?

  6. MCs. Um, MCs.

  I don't know if I've been to weddings I've been to (I haven't been much, to be honest), but MCs are, well ... a lot. Come to think of it, I decided not to touch it. However, you can read more about the MCs and their antics here.

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