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See Reaction of People After A Girl's "Bestie" Advised Her on Her Multiple Relationship With Players

Photo Credit: Adrian McDonald

It was in our first year as fresh students in the university, when our paths met on the hallway of the registration block. We hadn’t seen each other in the past two years.

She approached my direction on my way down the second-floor and quickly mentioned my name. She wore a friendly smile on her face which unveiled her identity.

“Joe” she called out my name and excused herself, closer to the wall on her left to make way for other students.

“Bi-bi” I stared at her for a few seconds before mentioning her name as though I hadn’t recognized her. It was just her beautiful outlook which caught my attention.

The curly hair, mild facial make-up and the admirable protruding chest arrested my focus. The "Bibi" I knew and saw two years before this meeting was gorgeous but this time, she had graduated to a tertiary level of looking good.

“What are you doing here?”

“You too…I just finished my registration”

We engaged ourselves in "chitchats" on our new path as tertiary students, shared our respective expectations to realize we offered the same course. We made some catch ups on the last time we met, and decided to get lunch together. That was the rekindling of our friendship.

We had lunch together the next day, the day after and the next. In our first semester, we were fond of each other like two lovers when we were actually not in a relationship.

We sat close to each other at lectures, attended lectures, left campus together after lectures, helped each other with assignments, and stood beside one another like bundled strands of hair.

"Bibi" and I attended almost every social event together and even visited each other at times to watch movies. We were the perfect pair of best friends. We even spent the night together some times but never crossed the line of intimacy.

First year, second semester, "Bibi" entered a relationship with a fellow first year student. She had spoken to me on the guy’s interest in her and how she also had interest in him to give it a shot. As a best friend, I didn’t see much errors on the guy so I offered my opinion.

Two weeks into the relationship, Bibi’s attitude towards me changed. She hardly appeared at our usual "garri and boiled beans" joint for lunch, and took hours to reply my WhatsApp messages. The "Bibi" I knew, who flooded her WhatsApp status with goofy pictures of us, now barely did.

She posted only Boo.

Three weeks into her relationship, I received a rumor from a trusted source that "Bibi’s boo" was cheating on her with another lady. I lay out the rumor to "Bibi", hoping she was going to consider that as signs and symbols but, who advice's a girl in love. "Bibi" misunderstood my advice.

That evening after my advice, asking her to ask Boo if the rumors were true, "Bibi" decorated me with shades on her WhatsApp status.

“Enemies are not God”

“What God has united, no man can separate”

“When they don’t love you, they believe rumor's”

“This love is bound to the end of riches and prosperity”

Indirectly shading me, "Bibi" updated these statuses on her WhatsApp. I didn’t need to be told they were my shade. I rested under them quietly. A week after, I was enjoying "me-time" with "sobolo" and bread, watching a movie in my room when "Bibi" walked in.

The disarranged expressions on her face clearly told me there was something wrong. She sat beside me, whimpered softly with a handkerchief in hand and looked away. I couldn’t end my statement asking what the matter was, only for "Bibi" to release tears down her bubbly cheeks.

“He cheat-ed…on me…” she cried out. She wept bitterly and swore never to open her heart for the guy to ever enter. She even asserted she wasn’t going enter another relationship. It was her first relationship and her first heartbreak so it weighed her down, leaving bruises in her heart.

I consoled her and asked her to let go. We were only two weeks away from our semester exams so I was worried it could affect her studies. In the middle of consoling Bibi, her phone rang. “He’s calling” she wiped her tears and answered the call. It was her cheating "Boo".

Damn it, "Bibi".

She responded the caller with nods, silence and a couple of “okays”, then excused herself by exiting my room to meet "Boo". That evening, I was clothed in shades again.

“They act as lovers when they want you to lose”

“Love is all about forgiveness”

“Love is beautiful when it hurts you but some people will say you are stupid”

“They envy my love life when they are single”

“This love with "Boo" shall never end”

Indeed, this love didn’t just end, it ended in tears after Bibi found out she was the "side-chick". Brokenhearted "Bibi" took to her WhatsApp once more and updated her status:

“All men are dog's”

“Love is a scam”

“I am never dating again till I am 30”

I was "Bibi’s cushion", receiving her sour tears till she found love again in the first semester of second year. That was quick. I advised that she heal from her previous breakup but that didn’t end well. I was decorated on her WhatsApp status again.

“Some people don’t want you to progress so they will ask you to wait small. Hmm, this life eh”

“When love finds you, don’t lose guard for enemies to give you their opinion”

“Get yourself a girlfriend”

“Don’t receive advice from a soldier who has never gone to war”

“Choose your besties well”

I took my shades in good faith. Bibi commenced the relationship with her newfound lover. The relationship didn’t see the light of day for a month when it withered suddenly.

In that very moment of "Bibi’s" ended relationship, she had another relationship offer on her table. It was "Ras Pinto", and I knew it was a bad choice. But "Bibi" didn’t listen.

As feeble and short as life, her relationship with "Ras Pinto" ended after a week when the only thing "Pinto" was requesting for was sex but Bibi never gave in.

Three months after, I gathered courage, made my intentions known to "Bibi" that I wanted us to start a relationship. After drawing passionate words from my heart, filled with love and life, Bibi hugged me with the widest smile on her face, pressed her bouncy chest against mine and whispered “You know you are my bestie. But I can’t do this”

Extracted from "Eben Ace"

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