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Signs You Are Dating A 'Yoruba Demon'

The dating game is not meant for the feeble hearted, every one is constantly searching for love and looking forward to that special day with that special someone that they will call their own forever.

So, how do you know you are in the right relationship or you are with a Yoruba demon that is wasting your time. Read the following to know the kind of guy you are dating.

He is a smooth talker:

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He always knows the right thing to say at the right time, he is always airing your thoughts and knows what you need, he is like a magician, a Nigerian prince charming, well I am sorry to disappoint you, no one is that perfect, he is probably this good with knowing what you want because he has experience in dating women and knowing what they expect of him.

They will never commit:

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No one hates the question “who am I to you” more than a Yoruba demon. He does not like to commit to anything, he does not make plans. He is constantly saying let’s see how it goes. He does not want you to hold him to his words so he avoids making promises.

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He has a million female friends:

A Yoruba demon has a lot of female friends he is constantly chatting with and calling. He will constantly remind you that there is nothing between them and they are just friends. He is probably telling those other girls the same thing about you.

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He is inconsistent in his affection:

A Yoruba demon is always known to blow hot and cold. Today he is lovey dovey, tomorrow he acts as if you do not exist.  

If you have a boyfriend that behave like these, then know that you have not strike gold yet, you still have a long way to go. 

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