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3 Conversations You Should Have With Your Partner Before You Start Having Kids

Having kids as couples is one of the ultimate goals of marriage asides companionship but most couples always fail to ask themselves some sensitive questions before they start having kids, below are 3 conversations you should have with your partner before you start having kids:

1.) Their religion: Even the bible says train up a child in the way of the lord and when he is old he wouldn't depart from it, as couples one very important conversation that you are to have is the kind of religion that you would allow your kids to practice.

2.) Their education: To me I find this very interesting because you need to know that you are not just bringing in kids into the world to just come and sit down at home, you need to sit down with your partner and discuss about the type and quality of education that you are going to give your children.

3.) Number of children: Before you start having kids with you partner the both of you need to sit down and ask yourself how many kids you would want to have after checking all available resources on ground.

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