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How to enjoy your single life

Deepen your relationship with God. That makes you understand what relationship is all about so that when you get married, you don't have unrealistic expectations. So that when you get married, you don't think it's all about performance .i.e. you stop doing what is good cos your partner is not doing his duty. Relationship is not about performance. Once you start to think that because you're a 'good Christian', Jesus loves you more. So also you'd think that your acceptance from Jesus is based on that. That is WRONG. God doesn't love you because you read your Bible or because you don't smoke and stuff. Jesus' love doesn't have any "becauses" 

So you need to deepen your relationship with God and you'd find yourself in the right relationship.

Seek a whole life as a single person. Most single people don't live. They wait. They just wait. They're waiting. And when nothing happens, they get frustrated. Nobody's calling me! I can't believe. 

Set a guard on your heart. Start to value yourself. 

Now, I jus found out that there are a lot of things to do with my time...God's way.

Interests make you interesting.

When your mind starts shrinking down to little things, your flesh starts taking over.

The more people that are in your life, the more they take from you.

When you bring people into your life, you have to be ready to feed the relationship.

You need time alone to know who you are. You cannot understand who God is in a crowd. It's always when you're alone dah God reveals himself. Time alone makes you see who God is, who you are and what'll fit you.

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