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How To Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Going To Marry You - Blessing CEO

There are certain situations some women become anxious in a relationship because they want to know whether their boyfriend is going to marry them.

Such women may become insecure because they think that the delay of their men proposing to them could be as a result of other affairs he engages in.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has named the theme of her post about how ladies can know if their boyfriend is going to marry them.

Blessing CEO said in the video;

"How to know that your boyfriend is not going to marry you? The fact that you want to know if he is going to marry you shows that he won't marry you. If he is going to marry you, you won't want to know if he is not going to marry you. Therefore, leave him alone."

Click the LINK to watch the video.

Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that there is no guarantee that a man would marry his a day while they are still dating.

The best thing women can do is to build themselves to the extent where they would have options of different men asking for their hands in marriage.

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