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Check Out The Outfit This Man Wore To His Friend's Wedding That Sparked Reactions

Fashion is something that changes everyday, as time goes by you would get to see new styles and new outfits. You would see new ways of dressing, new shoes, new shirts entirely. The way we do dress in the past is totally different from how we dress now. There is a way you will dress people will call it old-fashioned because they feel like that style is no longer in Vogue.

Different occasions call for different dress styles, if you are going to church your outfit will be different, if you're going for a wedding your outfit will also be different, if you're going for a burial or to a club the outfit will not be the same as the rest. Though some people choose to dress outside the box, and just put on something different for each occasion.

A man decided to share the outfit he wore to his friend's wedding and it got a lot of reactions from people. He said his friend told him to dress up and he wore a black outfit, with lipstick and a choker on his neck. Instead of dressing in a party mood like wearing a colourful outfit he decided to wear black on black.

To him he looked good but Twitter users felt otherwise because it seems like he was dressed up for a burial. Normally when you are going for a wedding you will dress in a happy mood because weddings are supposed to be a day of joy.

This is why I said that fashion changes everyday to some people how he dressed may not be the best, but some people also found it to be quite unique and amazing. A lot of people took to the comment section to share how they felt about his outfit, some people commended him and praised him for the outfit while some people condemned the outfit. See reactions below;Different people and their own views about Fashion, what may look odd to you may look beautiful to another person. That's why people say one man's meat is another Man's poison, you just have to stick to what you prefer. So far I have seen people wear black to weddings, even some ladies now put on black wedding gowns on their wedding day.

It just depends on you and how you decide to do your own things, as far as you are dressed in a decent way then you are good to go. Remember that one has to dress in the way they want to be addressed, not just dress up because you want to make a fashion statement or something.

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