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Effects Of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship And How To Stop It

Emotional abuse can be defined as one person using their emotions to manipulate their partner. They use it to blame and disgrace them.

In a relationship where there's serious emotional abuse, the partner who suffers from it will lose touch with their inner powers and sense of identity.

The person will be wounded, but you won't see any injury on their body because the damage is done internally.

The partner who falls victim to this will begin to doubt their sense of ability and feel worthless.

The side effects of emotional abuse are just as bad as physical abuse.

The sense of worth of the victim is not destroyed through physical damage. It is destroyed with abusive languages.

During an argument, the victim's self-esteem suffers when their partner criticizes and denigrates them.

They are being manipulated psychologically, and this destroys their ability to see who they really are.

The person might even admit every criticism given to them and begin to blame themselves whenever things go wrong.

The person will have a mentality that they are not good enough for anyone to marry them, so they rather prefer to stay in a relationship with the abuser.

They are usually disturbed about whether people admire them or not. This can lead to depression, chronic sleeplessness, and an irregular heartbeat.

If you are going through emotional abuse in your relationship, try to find out the object of the abuse.

Be honest with yourself. Stop trying to please the abuser, but make yourself important first.

Tell the abuser to stop shouting at you and stop insulting you.

Build a wall of security around your self-esteem and don't communicate with anyone who will not respect you.

Believe in your God-given abilities and love yourself the way you are. You may not be able to change the abuser, but you can change the way you relate to them.

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