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What do you know about the 4P's?

Have you heard of the 4P's? In life as we struggle to attain success, we must come across the 4P's. Yes hardwork pays but only if you follow the 4P's.

What then is the 4P.

1. Persistence: the fact of continuing to try to do something despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you or think you are being annoying or unreasonable. For every plan you have, you need to be persistent. The journey of live is not always smooth but with your ability to persist, you will arrive there. People will always talk. At times what is said may either encourage or discourage you but don't forget to be persistent. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. Be persistent.

2. Perservance: This is not to different from persistence but all the same, you need this also. For you to persevere, you need to show determination. You can't excel in life if you don't show determination in what you want. Your ability to persevere will take you to the top. Fall seven times and stand up the eight time. You need to persevere.

3. Pray: let's not forget the most important. You need to always commune with your heavenly father. Your prayer life is important. Remember you can't do anything without God. You must seek the face of God. Learn to pray. Because if you don't pray, you become a prey. "Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure" D.L.MOODY

4. Plan: For everything you try to venture into, you need a plan. If could be a business, school work, office work, building project and so on. You need a plan. Why do you think timetables are used in school. It is because everything needs to be carried out sequentially. Because if not properly arranged, can cause havoc. So we must learn to plan always.

There's a saying that goes like this" a goal with out a plan is just a wish".

If you haven't being using the 4P's i suggest you start today.

No knowledge is a waste.

That's all on today's article.

I hope this was useful.

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