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The right time to ask your partner where your relationship is heading.

Relationship with people has become a core part of our lives, as much that irrespective of your dexterity and the level of wisdom found in you, you still need at least one person to reach your desired goals. This makes relationships a core and very important aspect of human endeavors.. Relationships could mean friendship, acquaintance, family, colleagues etc. Irrespective of the kind of relationship you find yourself, as long as you're in close terms with an opposite gender, there remains a possibility of emotional attachment which may lead to something more serious or closer than ordinary friendship especially among youths. Especially friends who are not engaged to a different partner have the possibility of developing feelings for each other, this may stem from different reasons such as spending most of your time together, discovering a unique quality in your friend, or simply appealing to the looks of your friend.

Hence it becomes very important for people especially youths to ask the unpopular question "WHERE IS THIS FRIENDSHIP OR RELATIONSHIP HEADING TO?"

A lot of heartbreaks among youths have been as a result of either the guy or the lady not knowing their position in the other person's life OR not knowing the plan the other person has for the friendship or whatever form of relationship existing between them, and often times this leads to a major heartbreak for either of them.

This article is to give you hint on when it becomes very necessary to ask that question "WHERE IS THIS FRIENDSHIP HEADING TO"

The moment you start Having feelings (emotional   attachment) for the person.

Emotional attachment is something very subtle, that is, there is a possibility of ignoring it, however, 80% of heratbreaks have been as a result of dissapointed expectations from emotional attachment... Feelings don't remain the same, they grow, once you have feeling for someone, that feeling will not remain the same, it continues to grow unless worked upon, so once you begin to have feelings for your friend and you continue your close friendship, the feelings will keep growing deeper and out of your control, this is why you need to ask your close friend or associate where your relationship is heading to... Failure to do so, and your emotions have grown so deep for him or her, if at all it doesn't go to your plan, you'd find it very difficult to pick yourself out of the shambles. Once you begin to have feelings for your close friend that's the best time you ask that billion dollar question before you get to a point that you're long deep into the feelings

When commitment begins to drop

People's commitment to friendship doesn't just drop naturally... If you're already thinking your friendship will lead into a serious relationship and suddenly your partner's commitment to the friendship begins to drop, that's the time to set the record straight because chances are, that your friend probably has found a greener pasture and for whatsoever reason may decide to not tell you, the earlier you know your stand the better it is for you to prepare your mind and avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

When you begin to receive serious approach from others and your friend remains mute about his intention for you.

This is Particularly for the ladies, it's no big deal for you to be in a close friendship and there are other suitors approaching you, a lot of ladies make the mistake of turning down every other person's approach, hoping that their close friend will eventually come to approach them and they will go with him, as much as this is a possibility, there have been alot of antecedent to suggest this may not be true in all cases, it's possible that your closest friend has his eyes set on another lady for marriage, this is why you need to ask him if he has any intention for you inorder to avoid situations where you feel used and dumped and hence heartbroken.

The above are few hints on when you should ask your friend Where your relationship is heading to, and take necessary steps and decisions inorder to avoid heartbreak predicated upon your assumption that your partner or friend is on the same page as you are.

Thank you.

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