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Fiction: My girlfriend dumped me for a guy abroad, now she's begging me after the guy left her

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When I was in a 100-degree university, I met a beautiful Christian girl named Christina and I loved her very much, even though I was a Muslim and she was a Christian, I was an engineer and her teacher, but we were together for some courses like PHY 101, CHM 101 and MTH 101.

I met Christina on the day of registration, she took a photo on her Android phone and I passed, she called me boldly to click on her phone and I took the phone to click on her and we also took a photo with her registration. Robo So I met him and became friends. After a big mess, we started with a hundred levels of love.

All my roommates in the Mozambican Hall knew me because I visited him at a hostel, ate together in his bed, and went there to read at night.

He graduated before me because his course was 4 years old and he started serving. In youth service, he began to ignore my speeches and told me that he was no longer interested in our relationship. I started writing my exam last year when he divorced me, so my CGPA dropped from 4.30 to 4.10. I almost failed the test, which I had on the day he resigned with me, but fortunately I did not do it, I got my "E".

I forgot Christina and she was still alive. I took an engineering course and also started my service, I saw him on Facebook, but we ended the conversation.

After a year of service, I moved to my hometown, the city of Christina is not far from my hometown, but I don’t know where he is, and I’m no longer just with him.

One day I saw a call from a strange number and accepted it, the voice I heard was Christina’s voice. He greeted me and began to ask questions about my well-being. Her next question was, are you already married?

I didn’t answer his question that day and he started calling me to ask me to continue my relationship. Then I had the opportunity to ask him why he deliberately destroyed me.

During his years of service, he said he met a foreign student at a NYSC camp and promised that after a year of service, they would travel abroad together.

I told her that I have my own boyfriend that we were going to get married soon, but she asked me to keep up the good work.

Please, I'm really confused.

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