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My brother went to see his new girlfriend, this is what he came back with (Fiction)

Friendship is normal and common among the youths in their teenage ages. In a normal situation and norms, friendship takes place within same sex. A male having another male or males as friends while a girl also having female or females as friends.

However, in our days, friendship has no limitations, that is to say, male youths can befriend females.

As the case may be, when a young man finds a girl that he can be happy and have fun with and the girl equally throws back the fun unto him, people see them as boyfriend and girlfriend. It is no longer an ordinary friendship, it has become friendship with a tittle. He is my boyfriend or she is my girlfriend.

In the case of this my brother, he saw a girl and fell for her. He approached the girl and they had a discussion with positive outcome. She accepted to be my brother's girlfriend.

To cut the long story short, my brother arranged with the girl to pay her a visit since she said that she was living alone, that is to say she has her own apartment where she lives alone.

This brother of mine hadn't experienced having a girlfriend before and this is his first attempt of having one. Therefore he's eager to visit the girl since she has accepted him.

Meanwhile, he kept asking this girl to invite him to her house, but the girl kept rejecting his proposed visit. Why is this girl refusing me visiting her, what is the matter with her? Complained the young man.

The mistake my brother made was that he didn't ask questions. He was supposed to have made some Enquiries before approaching the girl to become his girlfriend.

Also having known that such girl lives in her own apartment all alone, he would have made further enquiry as to whether the girl is married or not. He would have also asked whether the girl has a boyfriend. He did not bother to ask such questions because he was already in love with the girl.

My brother, having forced this girl to accept his proposed visit, a day was fixed but with a condition that he was coming to spend just 30 minutes with the girl. He was asked to come in the evening around 5.00pm on the appointed day.

On that particular day, my brother dressed up and left for the girl's house only for him to come back with swollen face. He was seriously beaten by the girl's boyfriend who rented the apartment for her.

Note: This is an illustrative photo

My brother came back very disappointed and accused the girl of setting him up.

Young men, this should serve as a lesson to you. When you see a girl, before you approach and ask her out, first make Enquiries. Ask questions about her very well before you make attempt on her, or except you want to end up like my brother

Who do you blame here, the girl or my brother?

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