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Apart from Kneeling to Propose, These are 3 Other Ways Guys Can Get Ladies Into Marriage Deal

Some ladies do not really need their guys to make a marriage proposal before tagging along in the deal of marriage. With the serial bastardization of marriage proposal in the society, proposing to ladies either by kneeling or standing does not seem to be the assurance of commitment by man.

As a man, there are things you will do to your woman that will make her forget about proposal and sweep her off her feet in love. If you are dating a lady and you are thinking of ways to propose to her, you don't have to stress yourself with proposal. All you need do is to prove yourself in these three areas.

The first thing is to get yourself committed to her future. Every lady wants a guy that is futuristic and care about her tomorrow. Ladies want a guy they can plan their future with. Someone who will listen to them and speak into what is bothering them.

If you make her future your priority and regularly plan on how she will achieve her life dream, you will win her heart without necessarily having to make a marriage proposal.

The second thing you need to do for her is to take care of her parents and siblings. This does not mean you should move your monthly income into their family bank account. It simply entails the habit of treating her parents and siblings like your own. 

You can pay them unscheduled visit without her presence. Check on them regularly and ask questions about their wellbeing. There is no any lady that has such a man and will not feel proud and fulfilled. In fact, she will be the one that will anxiously make a move for marriage without proposal.

The third thing you can do to win her heart is to get her pastor and other people she respects around her involved in the relationship. Once these people see you as a responsible guy, they will advise her to hold you tightly and avoid losing you.

If you can take not of these three things, you will get your woman without necessarily having to propose.

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