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Elegant Traditional Wedding Outfits For Igbo Brides (Photos)

Marriage is a very important part of the Igbo culture. It is a time when every facet of their culture comes to the fore. The Igbo bride has to look exquisite on this particular day. She would come out to the applause of guests and well-wishers, that is why she has to be particular about what she wears. 

Traditional weddings can be quite a chore, that is why you need to wear something that you would be very comfortable in. You should go for outfits that would make the day bearable for you. You could still look elegant even in a comfortable outfit. 

These traditional outfits for Igbo brides would make you represent the intricacies of your culture as you walk out into your father’s compound to greet the guests. You and your friends would be in all colours of elegance when you dance to kneel before your husband with a cup of palm wine in your hand. 

You should embrace your heritage and where you come from because ‘Igbo Amaka’. The culture is just a joy to behold and a lot of us count ourselves lucky to be from that part of the country. 

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