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"I just found out my Dad is cheating on my mom and I don't know what to do"- Man seeks advice online

A man has come online to narrate his ordeal as he finds out that his Dad is cheating on his mom. This kind of dilemma placed on a child could crush him. In the events leading to this sad ordeal, he said his dad and his mom were married for almost 25 years and they are blessed with 5 children.

He said that one day his dad gave him his phone to check something and then he saw a girl sending his Dad a love emoji. This bothered him and he was desperate to find out if his dad was cheating on his mom.

After a week, his dad gave him his phone to charge and so he went through it and saw the same girl calling him sweetheart and he was calling her baby. At this point, he said he can't tell his older siblings or his mom and he does not know what to do.

Reacting to this post, a man said this on Twitter, "Are you for real? What a shame! Dear Anonymous, here’s my advise; Call your Dad and your Eldest Sibling. Just the 3 of you and talk to him. I believe he will relate with your elder bro/sis in a mature way. Your mum must not know! Discuss, don’t bash him. He will reason with you."

A female Twitter user had this to say, "First of all never call your father a shameless man, he gave birth to you and he is taking care of your needs, if I were in your shoes what I will do is talk to my Dad, by asking him, does he really love his wife definitely he'll tell you "yes", tell him what you have noticed."

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