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How To Restore A Broken Relationship And Marriage

Fixing a broken relationship and marriage will be easier if the two parties agree to have it fixed. Sometimes, ego or pride can make a broken relationship or marriage very difficult to fix. Before a marriage or relationship that is broken can be fixed, the solution makers will have to look for the cause of the problem. It is said that a problem known is a problem half solved. That is to say that if the cause of the problem is known, its solution may be easily provided. Therefore, let us take a look at some things that can lead to a broken relationship and marriage.

There are many things that can break up a relationship and marriage, some of them can be contained herein, and they include, selfishness, laziness, pride, neglect, very poor communication skill and even children. If your relationship or marriage is broken as a result of the above reasons, you can apply the below methods to restore it.

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1. Check yourself.

Your partner who you may have been accusing of being responsible for the problem your relationship or marriage is facing may be innocent, or have a little, minor or negligible contribution to it. You may even be main cause of the problem. That is why you need to check yourself very well before pointing accusing fingers at your lover or partner.

2. Accept your faults and take responsibility for them.

By accepting your faults, you agree that you have made mistakes. This should come after you must have checked yourself as explained in number one above. If you find yourself guilty of the problem, you must accept and acknowledge your errors.

The next thing to do is to take responsibility for your actions. This means showing that you have accepted your mistakes and making everything possible to fix it. You must show that you are sorry for what you did before it can be accepted that you have acknowledged your wrongs.

Sometimes, pride and ego will not allow people admit that they are wrong, and they may not take responsibility for their actions. Don't be that person. Admit them and take appropriate responsibility for them.

3. Tell yourself the truth and be honest with your lover or partner.

After you have checked yourself and discovered that you are wrong, the next thing is to admit that you are wrong and to take appropriate responsibilities for your actions. But you must be honest with yourself and your lover before you can comfortably take appropriate responsibilities for your actions.

Pride can make you to bury your face in the sand and ignore what you did wrong, but doing this will do no good to your marriage or relationship.

Tell yourself the truth. Tell yourself that you are wrong. After all, no one is above mistake. Be honest with your lover or partner. Make him or her understand that you have admitted your mistakes and that you have taken responsibilities for them.

4. Have a talk with your lover or partner.

This is the appropriate thing to do, however, it should be done at the right time. It is good to do this as early enough as possible, especially when the problem is still fresh. Do not allow things to accumulate.

You can't move forward, or even talk about or plan for the future without settling the problems in your relationship or marriage. Lack of communication, as we have seen above can result to a broken relationship or marriage as the case may be.

Communicate with your lover. If it demands that you must apologise to your lover, swallow your pride and make him or her to understand that you are truly sorry. Talk things out and have your relationship or marriage restored.

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5. You and your partner should explain your perception of the problem on ground.

It is not always right to apologise to your partner, simply because you want peace to reign. Although, it is the right thing to do, but sometimes, it is wiser to hear what your partner has to say about the problem.

If you have a talk with you lover, you should talk about your perception of the problem. Your lover or partner should also talk about his or her own perception of the problem. One of you might be wrong. It is also possible that both of you might be wrong.

6. Listen to your partner.

Being in a haste to settle the matter may not be the best thing to do. After you are done speaking, listen to your partner. He or she may have something to say that can even make your relationship or marriage healthier.

7. Observe the change you want from each other.

While solving such an issue, lovers or partners who truly love themselves will point out some changes they expect from each other. Making sure that such changes are made will go a long way in making the relationship or marriage a better one.

Implement all the above solutions and your relationship or marriage will be restored.

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