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5 Signs Your Boyfriend And Your BFF Are Secretly In Love

Look out for these signs to know if your boyfriend and best friend are getting too close more than expected.

Here are five signs to watch out for, if you have any suspicion that your best friend and man are engaging in any secret affair. They're listed below:

1. They repeatedly pull disappearing acts, almost at the same damn time.

It can be such a coincidence. However, if your boyfriend and your best friend friend constantly go the washroom, whenever you guys go on dinner dates at the same time nevertheless, something is fishy.

2. She takes his side in arguments

Take extra caution whenever she start to break the women's code. In the real sense, best friends must support each other, no matter the situation.

They're expected to stand strong and fight relationship battles together.

Suddenly, if your supposed bestfriend disappoint you during the course of a heated argument with your boyfriend, then you should know her loyalty has changed. Probably, it's because they have attachments to each other.

3. He constantly compares the two of you

Every human being is unique in a special way, individual weaknesses and strenghts. It’s quite a bad habit to make comparison of your girlfriend with other women. Don’t waste her precious time, if she isn’t ideal for you, then, go after what you deem fit for yourself.

4. She’s his biggest fan on social media

Why should your best friend stalk your man on social media channels? If she is always the first person to like, comment and shares his posts on social media platforms, then what they have is deeper than mere friendship.

5. She sells herself when he’s around

If your best female friend takes advantage of every circumstance or situation to present herself as the woman of virtue in his presence, you should prepare your arsenal for the competition ahead. Why? She is showcasing her good traits because there's a potential favourable suitor in the room.

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