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How To Argue The Right Way In A Relationship - Relationship Advice For Couples

In many relationships, partners are able to argue and oppose each other (with stability and calmly) without effecting the relationship. It requires the same level of mental understanding. One can argue without destroying the relationship by utilising non-violent communication and good epistemology

It takes being conscious and aware. It’s not a bad idea to have agreements on how you and your partner deal with difficult conversations. So couples, here’s a sample of some of the relationship agreements you can create with your partner.

1. When disagreeing, both sides must listen to the other intently.

2. When disagreeing, interruptions, raised voices, angry movements and demeaning language are never appropriate and must be apologized for when they are pointed out.

3. Apologies for interruptions, raised voices, angry movements and demeaning language during disagreements must be accepted.

4. When disagreeing, neither person is allowed to say "I already told you such and such" – they have to patiently repeat themselves.

5. When disagreeing, neither person is allowed to accuse the other of starting the argument or creating the disagreement.

6. If one has bad feelings about the other during or after a disagreement they are not allowed to blame the other for these bad feelings.

7. Past disagreements are not valid issues during a current disagreement – no "generalizing" and no "bringing up the past" is allowed.

8. Short breaks from arguments are allowed but when possible disputes should be resolved on the same day they begin.

9. If a departure is necessary during a disagreement it must be cordial and considerate.

10. You have to know how to communicate and express your point without being aggressive, insulting, or without getting upset. It takes time for this to happen if you’re not skilled in communicating effectively.

11. Never be mad for longer than 3 days, that's the limit, anything longer and it will snowball and turn into resentment.

12. In the end, apologize even if you didn't do anything wrong, then hold them and kiss them like you really mean it.

Hope this helps?

Thanks for reading!!

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