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Always Be Thankful for Your Perfect Body, Meet a Boy without hands and legs still living happily

It's a good thing to have life and also have a healthy, sound and perfect body, you should always be thankful to God who made it possible. In the word today, they are many living people like you with either no hands or no legs or let's say having an error in their body, which obstructs them to function normally as you do, but they are still living happily with their imperfections and still happy for their lives, then why not you with a perfect and sound body?

Today's Update I bring a touching photos of a young little boy who was born without legs and hands and he still lives happily, seeing the photos should be enough reason for you to be thankful to God who making you whom you are.

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The young handsome kid is known as Tiyo Satrio who is an 11years old young boy from a Penawangan Village, which is located in West Java, in Indonesia. Tiyo Satrio was born naturally without hands nor legs.

He is said to be completely limbless, and even in his mother's womb, he knew about his abnormality, but continued with thr incubation of the little boy in her womb until he was ready for delivery, then he was brought fourth to the world with his abnormalities, and his parents also happily accepted the young boy the way he was and also thankful for him.

As he grew, he learnt how to use his mouth to write as his only source since he has no hands nor legs, he also uses his mouth to play games by also using his chin to touch the key pads, what an incredible thing he can do. Even with his condition he still makes himself happy by having fun.

But due to his high level of abnormality, they are still things he could not do, such as eating, locomotion (movement), clothing etc, in this aspect, his parent help him.

Below are some of his touching photos, check them out and see reasons why you should be thankful to God for whom you are and for the perfect gift of health and sound body.

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