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5 things you should do if your spouse annoys you

A spouse is a person's husband or wife, who have come with two different perspective, idiology and understanding to live together as one, and also produce children . As we cannot do without getting on each other nerves, being the fact that we are human and we have blood running through our veins.

In this article today we talk about the what you should do if your spouse annoys you;

1. Water Therapy: we may be wandering what water has got to do with angar, but trust me a glass of water helps controls that nagative urge for violence, that would have been displayed. Water helps neutralise the mind, which in turn controls unnecessary annoyance that would have erupted.

2. Be Calm: You being calm her doesn't mean you are foolish or a coward, but at that moment you are display a sense of maturity to your spouse, which is a great virtue for those going into marriage, and also helps regulate unwanted misunderstanding between two spouse.

3. Speak to your spouse: communication I tell you is one of the best keys that helps sustain a marriage. You taking to your spouse goes a long way to controlling your annoyance, because it serves as a medium where you pour out the feelings that hurts you so bad.

4. Get Some Exercise: physical activities like walking around a building can help reduce the stress of angar in you, if you feel your spouse has triggered your angar.

5. Don't hold Grudge: Forgiveness is one of the principal things to do if your spouse annoys you. Your ability to let go of your spouse excesses, alows anger and other nagative feelings to crowd out.Even when bitterness or sense if Injustice comes mind, and it is understandable, because we are humans and have blood running through our veins. You forgiving your spouse that angered you helps build and strengthen your relationship.

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