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Husband and wife relationship

What Conditions Are Imposed On A Man Who Marries More Than One Woman.

This article looks at the life of a man with more than one wife, the kind of justice he should spread among his family and how to improve his social life with them in order to have peace of mind.

The master at all times is the leader and the backbone of building his family and putting them on the right path.

He is responsible for marrying and caring for his wife.

In Islam he is allowed to have more than one wife, but he is not allowed to do so unless he is given rules and boundaries, which is why some scholars consider polygamy not for every man.

Many women, sometimes who their husband marry two, three or four wives, complain that the injustice inflicted on them by their husband leads to division and insecurity.

There are homes where jealousy is so intense that you do not know whether it is because of your husband's love or not.

Some homes and the way the husband treat them make you wonder if this husband is not the cause of the house problem?

 So no matter what, there are ways to improve social life in a two-, three- or four-family home, according to experts.

the first step to establishing a good society in a house where there is more than one woman is for the man to first check whether he is wealthy enough to keep the women by sharing their living space.

If you are going to marry more than one woman, you need to provide enough space for each family to take care of her and her family.

Don't mix them up. If they are in the same house, then each one should have its own separate room, even the kitchen and the hallway should be different.

A man should know that from the moment you start looking for a marriage, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Some important issues to be addressed.

Don't go for less that your full potential

Don't be the one to bring your wife's conversation to your other brides 

When you enter a house, whatever is going to cause trouble like the phone and the bride, you are bound to avoid it

You see these little things, don't despise them as they sometimes provoke her

 If you are going to combine them into one house, make sure you keep the basic rules of living together

Do not favor one over the other, but be just in every respect

Do not allow yourself to be a female hypocrite, and do not let the power of your mouth confuse you, you have to be very good at speaking truths. 

 Do not be a hypocrite

Be a firm, courageous master, who will uphold justice in all his dealings. 

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