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Relationship: 3 Things You Should Give Your Partner

Life is about give and take, and so is a relationship. In a relationship, the two parties must learn how to give sacrificially. This will help their relationship attain new heights as they journey through.

Three things you should give to your partner:

1. Love

This is the most important of all. Love is number one, and it is very important you give your partner this. It is a different thing to love your partner, and another thing to show to your partner that you love him/her. Learn to show your love to your partner always. 

2. Honesty & Loyalty

Honesty and loyalty are different things. You need to show your partner how much you value your relationship by being loyal and honest. Be plain and open to your partner, make sure you are hiding nothing at all from him/her, be loyal, and never think of cheating on him/her. 

3. Gifts

Yes, gifting your partner is very important. Learn to get your partner a gift that is not only worthwhile but also right. What do I mean? Make sure you make your findings on what your partner lacks before getting him/her a gift. This is what makes a gift special. If you buy what he/she does not need, then you may notice that he/she isn't really freaked

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