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3 Things You Shouldn't Use To Prove Your Love To A Man As A Woman

When you love as a woman you tend to give in your all just to prove to your man how much you love him, below are 3 things you shouldn't use to prove your love to a man as a woman:

1.) Your body: Your body should be your most cherished possession and you shouldn't use it to prove your love to any man, a man that feels you giving him your body is the ultimate test of your love in a relationship is most likely not the right person for you.

2.) Your finances: As a woman you should be very careful how you spend on any man in trying to prove to him how much you love him, there are some men that would want to milk your finances dry and then tell you don't love them when you object to it.

3.) Sacrificing your career: As a woman you should always try to make sure that you are career driven in getting your goals achieved, don't sacrifice your career for any man and become a sit at home wife just because you want to prove to your him that you love him.

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