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3 Ways She Acts When She Is Mad At You

As a man you have to be able to read in-between the lines especially when it comes to your woman, as a man knowing when your girl is mad at you could be a very big plus to you in saving the relationship. Below are 3 ways she acts when she is mad at you:

1.) She ignores you: Most times when your woman is mad at you she tends to ignore you by not paying attention to you, as a man when you notice that your woman is ignoring you try to sit her down and talk to her.

2.) She refuses to pick your calls: Another way women act when they are mad at you is that they refuse to pick your calls, when your woman refuses to pick your calls for a lengthy period of time it most likely means she is mad at you.

3.) She locks herself up: This one usually happens between couples staying together in the same house, most times as a man you would notice that once your woman is angry with you she tends to lock herself up in one of the rooms and refuses to see you.

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