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4 things a man can do to attract any lady

Have you ever thought why your friend attracts a lot of ladies but not even one would say hi to you?

 Of course it happens not even because he is more handsome than you are or has more money than you. 

 In this article, I will be teaching you why that guy gets all the girls and how you can also be attractive.

Straight to the fundamental motive of this


1. Be cool

What I mean by being cool is not being popular or something. What I mean by that is you should be relaxed. If you put a lady in a room with two different guys, the cool guy is always relaxed with a smile on his face while the other is stressed up probably shivering or panicking with an awkward look on his face. Imagine if the lady tries to talk to him, he's going to be jittery, talking fast and so nervous. Being relaxed and having a smile on your face absolutely is going to make you be cool.

2. Be confident 

What I mean by this is that you should always have the boldness to talk to a girl you like. Try to have the courage to get what you want. Try to go out and meet random people. Engage in chats with them, ask for directions, tell someone she looks pretty, tell a girl you like her shoes and definitely the conversation will start up from there.

3. Use perfumes and deodorants

Swap those cheap body sprays to clean perfumes and deodorants. They aren't that expensive right?

If you want to attract those ladies, a secrete to do that is to use perfumes and deodorants. Scents create memories. Yes they do. And if you want to do that you should stick to a specific kind.

4. Be educated

A lady would always want to have a conversation with someone that knows something. Ladies like guys that they can exchange and learn from. Being learned academically and otherwise shows a sense of strength and stability a man possess.

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