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I was flogged in Jss1 for writing love letter to my classmate

I was flogged for writing a love letter to one of my classmates during my Jss 1 in secondary school days.There was this lady in my class, she was very cool and beautiful, she's the definition of true beauty. She came from the city to our village to complete her junior school education. She was loved by almost all the guys in the school including our seniors. I do hear some of my classmates saying that some teachers are also admiring her. 

The more i hear of people admiring her, the more i get frightened that if i delay to ask this girl out, my chance of getting her when i gather the courage to ask her out will be minimal. Her thoughts on how i could woo and win her hearth was always in my mind to the point that my academic performance was affected. 

I finally decided to write a letter to her expressing my love for her in the letter. I wrote the letter on Friday and i gave the letter to her that same day so i can get her feedback the next week. 

During that weekend, all my prayer point was for God to touch her heart so she will agree to date me. Unfortunately my prayers wasn't answered when i went to school the next week.

I was the class representative that time, most times i was the one that usually get chalks from the staff room and some times i write notes on the board for my classmates. 

On that sad day for me, i went to the staff room to get chalks, that was when i was called by one of our teachers. She was our CRK teacher. She asked me if i did anything on Friday, I was shocked and surprised with her question. I immediately remembered the love letter i wrote to my crush. I became nervous and sweats started coming out from my body. 

I decided to act as if i didn't know what she was asking me. I told her i didn't do anything. After several interrogation, I had no choice but to admit that i wrote a love letter to one of my classmates on Friday. You need to see how i was flogged. 

She flogged me for two offense, one offense was writing love letter at my age and the second offense was the initial lie that i didn't write the letter. After i was flogged and disgraced, I later found out that it was my crush's friend that advised her to go and report me to the teacher. 

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