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Fiction: How A Lady Married A Rich Man Through Facebook Because Of 200 naira Airtime Gift

Hello, welcome to my article. In this article, i shall be writting on how a woman married a rich man via Facebook, because of 200 naira airtime.

Before i tell the story, let me explain what facebook is all about. It is worthy of note that fcebook is one of the leading social media currently.

Millions of people make use of Facebook daily. Here, people chat with friends and family and equally hook up with new friends.

### Below is how a lady married a rich man through Facebook because of 200 naira.

One day a lady was on Facebook chatting with her friends as usual. A man sent her a friend request and she accepted.

The began to chat as normal friends. The man neverv showed himself as a rich man to the lady. The man was pretending to be poor.

One day, the lady sent the man 200 airtime out of pity for the man and the man became very happy with the lady. He began to plan on how to make the lady her wife, seeing that he is generous and will not be after his money.

Remember, ladies these days can hardly spend money on a man. The 200 airtime led to the marriage between the rich man and the lady, after the man revealed his wealth.

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