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Why Long Distance Relationships Are Hard To Keep

One of the major challenges people face in relationship is 'long distance'. This aforementioned challenge has led to the dissolution of many relationships which could have ended in marriage.

Why long distance relationships are hard to keep.

Lovers must spend time together for their relationship to thrive. If this is absent, the relationship will collapse.

The major challenges lovers face when they are in a long distance relationship is that they hardly spend time together in person.

What then is the solution?

If you want your long distance relationship to thrive and survive the test of time, you must keep up with one another on calls and social media. 

Also, paying scheduled visits to one another at least once a month will also help. Though it may not be enough, but it will help to prolong the lifespan of the relationship.

Sometimes, we might not be lucky to be in love with those that are around us. That does not mean we should remain single and reject the sincere advances of those that are far away from us. Knowing how to manage your long distance relationship will help you and it will be as if you are just a mile away from each other.

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