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If a girl you are crushing on likes you too, here are 3 not obvious signs.

Three not obvious signs that show your crush likes you.

Having feelings for someone but not loved in return it's painful, but what is even more confusing it's when you are not sure if your crush likes you too, or not.

To be sure if she truly likes you or not, try to get to know your crush first. Being close to her will give you some clues.

However, girls, unlike guys who show feelings easily so the following are three not obvious signs that show your crush is developing interest on you. 

(1). She knows things about you that you didn’t tell her. Probably a girl you are not that familiar with suddenly knows a lot of things about you because you talked to her, it's a sign she is interested in you.

Your crush may have asked a friend of yours, maybe your social media accounts, or she may have been crushing on you long before you even realized that you are crushing on her.

(2). Immediately responding to your messages or chat on social media. It's also signed. But if you are not observant you won't notice. She might even try to prolong the conversation so she could spend more time getting to know you. Be careful with the answer and coordinate yourself well. 

(3). Along the line of getting to know each other, she might tell you something about herself that probably she has not to tell anyone. Its also a sign she is beginning to develop an interest in you. she might mistakenly say, I have not to tell anyone before, you are the first person.

If your crush tells you something she normally wouldn’t tell anyone (such as her secrets or some embarrassing stories), it shows that you have gained her trust. After all, a trustworthy person is a dependable and likable person. So whenever your crush tells you a secret, listen to her and show that you are the kind of person that can be trusted and depended on.

Nothing feels better than having a crush and finding out your crush likes you too. Be observant of these not obvious signs mentioned above and keep on doing the right thing. A girl who has started showing interest must have seen what has interested her in you. 

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