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She Was Dragged On Twitter, Read What She Tweeted About Her House Help That Got People Talking

Do you think it's inappropriate for an employer to refer to his/her employee by the title of the position s/he holds in an organization? Maybe after you know all the specifics of this tweet, you'll be able to answer this question perfectly.

On Twitter, a woman known as @jesstake explained how her housekeeper came into her room and did a strange thing by measuring her dog with a measuring tape. In the middle of her tweet, she is unaware that she would be pulled for naming her house help, house help, which is possibly in her own mind for tweeting is to get people to offer positive opinions or funny reactions.

Many didn't take it lightly with her, and some even questioned why she couldn't call her(the lady) by her name instead of referring to her as "home help."

In my opinion, if someone in charge of money in an organization has his or her own name, but the name of his or her post is often used to describe him, why is calling house help different from calling a teacher. It is just a job title! Not a way of limiting someone.

Do you think there is any other appropriate names to call someone helping you with house work aside of "house help"? Comments below.


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