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3 Reasons Why Your Present Partner Should Not Know The Identity Of Your Ex

An ex is simply someone who we once loved and had a relationship with in the past. An ex was once one of the most cherished persons in our lives at a time. Interestingly, almost everyone is an ex to someone else. In fact, there is every tendency that the person we are presently in a relationship with or married to is an ex to another man or lady.

Regardless of what may have led to the end of our relationship with an ex, we cannot deny how important he/she was to us when we had a relationship with him/her. Among other things, one of the many causes of misunderstandings in some relationships is ex. Many people would not want their present partner to have anything to do with their ex because of the fear of them(partners) reactivating the affairs they once had in the past.

No matter how we may feel about the closeness of our partners and their ex, one thing is certain ; an ex is not an enemy. To that effect, no matter how overwhelmed we may be by the presence of our new found love (partners) and how much open we want to be with them, it is safer for our new boyfriend or girlfriend not to know the identity (most especially their names and their facial appearance) of our ex, because of the following reasons:

1. To avoid unnecessary suspicion. Concealing the identity of your ex from your new partner will save you from the stress of being suspected by your boyfriend/girlfriend of still having an affair with him/her, most especially when you are still communicating with him/her (ex).

2. To avoid future altercation between your new partner and your ex. There are times that an altercation between your ex and your present partner can arise when your new lover knows the identity of your ex. Some can even go to the extra length of calling your ex on the phone to warm them to steer clear from you or even confront them face to face. I am sure you would not want to be a part of such drama.

3. To maintain friendship with your ex. It is not always easy to have a cordial friendship with your ex when your present partner know their identity. On your part, in order not to create an atmosphere for suspicion, you will want to keep your distance from the ex to please your partner, which may obstruct your friendship with the ex. Like I earlier mentioned, an ex is not an enemy. There is still need for you to still be friends without any string attach because of unforseen future events. Your ex may be your lifesaver "tomorrow" when you least expected. The big question is, if you are not on talking terms or any way close, how will you be able to get the help from him/her?

Like people will say, prevention is better than cure.

What is your opinion on the issue of your partner knowing the identity of your ex? Make your thoughts known in the comment section.

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