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Husband and wife relationship

9 Romantic Things To Do To Your Wife At Night Before Going To Bed

Love is indeed a beautiful thing, but having the perfect woman to love is even better. Note however that no woman is born perfect. We all have limits to the things that we can tolerate from others. How well you treat a woman reflects in the way she treats you as well (well, at least in most cases). You cannot hope to have a happy wife if you fail to treat her right. Yes, some women are self motivated. But then, the question is, for how long?

A happy wife is a happy home. When you have yourself a happy wife, the results reflect not just on you alone, but also on your children, (if any) and even the entire house hold. I could go on all day telling you the importance of treating your wife well, especially at nights, before bed time. So I'd rather indulge you in things you should do to your wife before going to bed at night. We've rounded up 9 of them for you.

1. Cook for her

I wouldn't argue if you insist that cooking for the family is for women. It actually is. But that doesn't mean you cannot help out. Helping her out is a way of showing care and concern. Cook dinner and serve her sometimes. Serve her, she's your help mate, your other half, not your chef.

2. Eat together

Eating together is a way of spending more time with each other. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but to her it's a very huge deal. Eating together is a way of reliving the memories of when the both of you were "Bonnie and Clyde". "Till death do us part" is a very long time. Make it worthwhile.

3. Make her watch a movie together

Watching a nice movie together as often as possible, is also something you should consider. It's a way of spending more quality intimate time together without getting physical. The perception that making love to your wife is the only way to show her that you love her is ignorance.

4. Take her out for a drive/walk

You don't necessarily need a destination, and not owning a car isn't a problem either. Take your wife on a random routine walk or drive, that you probably must have thought about before heading out. Have walks together, talk, tell her jokes with what you see around. However, since it's an evening stroll or night out, be sure of your safety and most importantly hers.

5. Give her a Foot massage

After all the days hustle and bustle, relaxation is of essence. And what better way to relax than a foot massage? Foot massages helps stimulate the muscles, reduces tension, and can even eases pain. Women should get massages too. Provided for the family is tough, and caring for them isn't easy either.

6. Have a Heart to Heart talk

Couples who often have a heart to heart talk tend to become aware of each other's emotions than couples who don't. They understand each other better and are especially aware of each other's feelings. Create time for your wife to tell you everything she has on her mind so that you can address them.

7. Resolve any pending issue

Issues between married couples are inevitable. As long as you live together, there would always be issues to deal with. It doesn't matter how many issues there are how they come. What matters most is how well you are able to deal with them. Sleeping with grudges is not healthy for your relationship.

8. Intimacy

Intimacy isn't just important because we are social creatures that thrive on the close personal relationships that we have with others, but also because, we all have urges. Urges that need to be satisfied. Intimacy doesn't necessarily mean lovemaking. Cuddling and kissing your wife at nights sometimes, might just be all she needs to get a good night sleep.

9. Kiss her good night

Kissing your wife goodnight is probably the simplest ways to connect at the end of everyday. Re-ignite your connection with your wife every night before you sleep. It's not enough that you are on the same bed. You could actually do more. Little things count. Make your wife feel loved and irreplaceable. Trust me, you need it more.

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