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Sweet Bitter Best: Dealing With 5 Common Problems Couple Face in the First 5 Years of marriage

Within the first five years of marriage, couple learn a lot more about themselves in ways they never anticipated.

NO matter how long they dated, the first 5 years is always a major hurdle.

Little wonder they say, if you can go through the first 5 years, you can through the next and maybe more.

Here are 5 common or rather frequent areas where couple have issues, resolve them, and have new ones until they adapt a lot more.

1. Managing Personal Spaces:

learning to accommodate each other in the new shared spaces. it is not easy but very possible.

2. Managing In-laws and emergent demands and boundaries

There is an new and larger family, interest and opinions to manage. handle with patience and care yet be firm.

3. Managing Finances:

Earning and spending planning and accountability

4. Managing New Baby:

Adjusting to the new party and sacrificing

5. Managing Late Work Hours:

Justifying hard work and trust even in dark hours


They may look simple but they are as important as the air the couple breathe in the house.

If they are properly managed, it will not be so much of a hassle, they will grow together, learn better.

Patience is key, understanding cannot be negotiated and true empathy and compassion will always produce sweet fruits of marriage.

Kindly add any if you have and remember to like and share.

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Managing New Baby Sweet Bitter Best


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