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Divorce Affair

Read this if you are still single and ready to marry.

* Don't Enter The Covenant Before The Marriage, Enter The Marriage Before The Covenant, For Those Who Take Oath Before They Are Married, Live To Regret It Later In Life.

* The Journey You Are Not Ready To Embark On, Don't Ask Questions On How The Road Looks Like. Cohabiting With A Man Or Lady That Is Not Married To You, Is A Journey That You Are Sure To End As A Casualty.

* Every Single Is A Marital Container With A Content, Both Plays Vital Role In Your Marital life. Whereas The Container Attracts A Would-Be Spouse, It Is The Content That Keeps Him Or Her, Work On The Container And Develop The Content And You Will Not Seek For A Prophet.

* Once You Get Married, Lock The Exit Door Of Your Marriage And Throw The Key Into The High Sea. Whatever Happens In That Marriage Afterwards, Divorce Is Not An Option, Separation Is Not A Way Out.

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The Marriage Before The Covenant


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