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Divorce Affair

Fiction: How I cheated on my wife with her hairstylist

Ever since I became the new general manager at work, my wife Paula suddenly enjoyed the public display of affection. She would plan our dates at crowded places and would become so clingy. I wondered why this did not happen before the promotion.

Every time she wants to plait a new hairdo or nails, she would wait until it was my free day so I can accompany her. I made it clear I did not enjoy sitting for hours watching women make their hair still, she would not listen. She was suddenly showing off.

I met her hairstylist at the mall one fateful day, we greeted each other. She looked beautiful and kept touching my chest while laughing at my non-humorous jokes. I knew she was flirting so I got her number and left.

The two of us communicated back and forth. I realised she was the owner of the salon and had built it from scratch. I was impressed. My spouse refused to work for reasons best known to her. She was lazy and did not hide it.

I decided to seize the opportunity to develop our teasing conversations to the next level. I flew her to another state. I had pleasure with her inside, outside the bedroom. In my mind, I had conquered.

As soon as I arrived at my home, I was welcomed by my wife with a resounding slap only to be shown the video of the deed. It was all a plan after all and I fell right into it.

Note: This picture is for illustrative purposes only.

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