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Check What Your Finger Shape Says About Your Personality

It's no news that you could describe a person by mere looking at their hands, but did you know that a lot can be revealed about a person through their fingers? This post contains well researched information that will reveal what your fingers shape could be saying about your personality.

Below are three(3) finger shapes labelled as A, B, and C with their personality explanation.

1. Finger A: The Straight Finger.

If you fall under this category, then you are often appear to be a persistent and strong person. You're also someone that doesn't depend on others, and you also don't like to reveal your feelings. On the contrary, you are very passionate, tender and sincere person.

2. Finger B: The Pointed Finger.

People with pointed fingers are faithful and inventive. The truth is once these set of people give their heart to someone, they do it with Al attention, and they won't break your trust.

These set of people are very devoted, so, as soon as they have a target they never give up until they reach such target.

In summary, this set of people are scared of getting hurt by other people.

3. Finger C: Big- Knuckled Finger.

This set of people usually prefer to remain in their comfortable situation, infact, they do not like the idea of taking new challenges. Although, they regard other people's thoughts. They don't fake things, and they're also delicate set of people.

Thanks for reading.

So which of the above is your finger shape? Please share your opinion in the comment section.

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