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Reasons Why You Should Not Marry A Lady Who Smokes [OPINION]

Most of our ladies, can smokes more than boys this days. Because of this, we need to be extravagant careful when looking a wife, to avoid marrying a smoker.

The reason why you should not marry a lady who the smoke are as follow:

1. Marrying a smoker will make your friends, ridicule you. They will gives you all kind of names. You will be ashame to invite your friends to your house all because of your wife's attitudes.

2. Your parent will not be happy if they find out, that your wife the smoke. Think about this; if your wife the smoke, when she started giving birth to your children what will they learn from her??

3. She make herself irresponsible in the society, and this will affect you because you married irresponsible woman. She bear your name.

4. You will not be comfortable in your own house. She will be smelling cigarette all the time, and this will make you not to be comfortable.

5. Most especially, she will be wasting time: Take note of this last one. The time you expect her to cook for the house, she will be busy smoking her cigarette. She will not get time for you as a husband.

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