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4 Ways A Girl Can Show Her Feelings For The Man She Loves

1. She encourages and supports you.

Every man requires and desires affirmation. It's especially meaningful when he's encountering difficulties or having a very difficult day or week. Little things, done regularly, can mean the world to him, such as writing a thoughtful note and placing it on his bathroom mirror, or taking him to a movie he wants to see, or cooking his favorite meal, or sending him an inspirational quote or thought via email at work or home, or purchasing a magazine dealing with topics he enjoys and placing it on the table when he sits down for dinner. Little gestures that let him know you're thinking of him and that you're always on his side.

2. She holds her man in high regard.

One of the most crucial things you can do is show him that you value him and that you respect him. Let him know how much you value his judgment in making judgments, and whatever you do, don't criticize what he does or what he decides. Don't try to persuade him to do or think what you think is best for him. Sit down and have an objective conversation with him if you disagree with any of his decisions. Don't try to persuade; simply share your thoughts.

3. She compliments you.

Keep an eye out for things he does that you like, big or small, and then compliment him. Make him feel unique and build him up. Concentrate on his assets. He's a guy who wants to be treated as such, and your compliments can help him achieve that goal. Let him know how pleased you are with him and how much you like his positive characteristics.

4. Share your passions.

Take the time to discuss his interests with him, even if they seem trivial, and discover which ones you might be able to share with him. Even if some of them aren't your cup of tea, simply participating alongside him will make him feel important. Surprise him with small gifts or gift cards that he can use to support his hobbies.

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