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Things you need to know before you fall in love.

Love is indeed an amazing thing but it also comes with few challenges. Partners must be wary of so many things before they finally get married. One of it is the "Genotype Compatibility"

Popular online doctor, @aproko_doctor recently listed some things people need to know before they fall in love and finally get to settle down with kids.

Here's the list of genotype compatibility below:

According to the doctor, compatible genotypes for marriage are:

AA marries an AA. That’s the best compatible. That way you save your future children the worry about genotype compatibility.

AA marries an AS. You’ll end up with kids with AA and AS which is good. But sometimes if you’re not lucky all the kids will be AS which limits their choice of partner.

AS and AS should not marry, there is every chance of having a child with SS.

AS and SS shouldn’t think of marrying.

And definitely, SS and SS must not marry since there’s absolutely no chance of escaping having a child with the sickle cell disease.

It's very important for individuals to know the genotype and blood type of their partners.

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AA AS AS. Genotype Compatibility


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