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4 Attitudes That Can Make a Person Single for a Long Time.

Research has shown that most people who are of marriageable age are left lonely and unengaged not because they are ugly or unattractive, or because they lack a quality sense of fashion, or due to their educational background – they are probably left unattended to simply because of their philosophy and attitudes towards others.

Regarding this article; we shall be looking at 4 attitudes exhibited by most adults that have the possibility of making them single and avoided by others. See them below.

1. Living in loneliness and isolation.

Always staying indoors and living in total isolation is one habit that can make a person single for a long time. I am not saying this lifestyle is bad or evil, what I am trying to portray is that; people only associate with who they see. In other words, people won’t get to see you or know you when you don’t exit from the four walls of your room or closet. And as you already know; when they don’t see you, they don’t get to talk to you.

2. Always putting up a sad countenance or exhibiting anger.

Most persons instinctively avoid and resent people who are always sad or have a negative countenance. In most people’s opinion; this set of persons are referred to as “sadist”. A person who is always resentful or angry is usually avoided by others for the fear of being toxic or bad-mannered.

3. Pride.

Pride is another trait that can highly reduce one’s chances of being approached by others either for friendship or a romantic relationship. People naturally avoid a person who they perceive to be proud and arrogant. A lady who is considered to be proud is most likely to be avoided by men for a romantic relationship.

4. The attitude of keeping malice or unforgiveness.

The practice of keeping malice and grievances towards friends, family members, and even in one’s relationship is a habit that can make a person lonely. Being unforgiving towards people for their errs towards you will make people avoid associating with you.


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