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Different Types Of Domestic Violence That People Experience In Relationships

Domestic violence can be defined as a mode of behavior intended to establish or retain dominance and control over your partner.

This is very common in a lot of relationships, and both genders can be victims. It can happen to a child and even an adult.

It's a form of abuse whereby someone is being maltreated. Some types of domestic violence do not result in physically harming the victims.

The person can be emotionally wounded, but the damage is just as severe as physical violence.

The attitude of trying to dominate someone cannot be justified in any way. The person you are trying to dominate becomes a victim of abuse.

People who try to dominate others have problems with an inferiority complex, anger, low self-esteem, and alcohol addiction.

Other factors that encourage someone to be abusive are illiteracy, and if the person had an abusive upbringing.

The first type of domestic violence is physical abuse. This is the type of abuse whereby someone uses their physical abilities to dominate their victim.

They beat their victims, lock them outside the house, deny them access to food, force them to make love, and refuse to help them when they are sick or injured.

The second type of domestic violence is emotional abuse. This does not involve any physical maltreatment. It's usually in the form of actions and words.

Their actions and words are targeted at the victim to shame them or destroy their self-esteem. They lie and confuse their victims to pull down their mental health.

Emotional abuse often gives birth to physical abuse.

A wife who has been emotionally abusing her husband can invariably make the husband physically abuse her.

However, there's nothing that can justify any form of abuse.

The third one is financial abuse, whereby the abuser uses their financial power to dominate their victims.

They deny them the opportunity to make money because they want to be in control of their lives.

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