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“Mkpuru Mmiri”- Here Are Dangers of This Hard Drug And Why Youths Must Be Careful.

When you see gory pictures of mutilated human bodies attributed to the handwork of young people, in one criminal venture or another, it could be as a result of the use of this stimulant, mkpuru mmiri.


When you see an 18 year old boy beating up his girlfriend as he would a hardened criminal, make sure you consider this drug as a possible trigger of such manic behaviour. When you read in the news that a young girl stabbed another person to death for trivial disagreement, don't be fooled that young ladies do not take illicit drugs.

Methamphetamine or widely called Mkpuru Mmiri in the south-east is a devastating drug, highly addictive and very accessible. It is also easily administered. It could be ingested, sniffed or inhaled. This substance can be used in the clinical treatment of some Developmental and Somatic Disorders, but I won't regale you with tales that are irrelevant to the theme of this post.

Crystal Meth, a variant of Methamphetamine, stimulates the Central Nervous System and triggers inexplicable euphoric states in the individual. It has also been found to be an aphrodisiac and a possible weight loss enhancement substance.

These have made it very fanciful for young men who cherish their sexual virility and ladies who would kill to keep a trim figure. Unfortunately, with increased usage comes tolerance and dependence, the hallmarks of substance addiction. The repercussions are dire and almost always have long term side effects.

Hyperactivity, manic behaviour, aggressive sexual tendencies,and so many more, are some ot the side effects of addiction. Studies have also found a correlation between crystal meth abuse and STIs, including HIV (as a result of the sexual hyperactivity).

Overdose is also a possibility with 200 mg considered as fatal. Unfortunately, in the streets of Onitsha or Owerri, there is no guarantee for reliable measurement during consumption. 

The prevalence of usage is very high in the South East and Nigeria in general, very very high. Unfortunately, we are not seeing what this portends for our young people in the nearest future. It is scary, we live in perilous times. Youths should therefore abstain from this hard drug.

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