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Use This Method To Approach A Lady You Like, And She Will Never Reject You.

Hello guys, is there a lady that you admire so much in your area, and you've been thinking of how to approach her? You've been thinking of the best way to approach her so that at the end of the day she will not reject you. Or maybe you have been trying to approach some ladies and you are being rejected. Worry no more because finally there is a solution for you. Because i am about to show you the method that i have used several times and that has worked for me 99% of the time. If you follow this method, i assure you that you will attract the kind of Lady you want and there won't be any rejection again.

Ok now, here is the method: But before you use this method. Make sure you are dateable, who is a man that is dateable? You must be good looking, i don't mean you have to be the most handsome man in the world. What I mean is that you must package yourself. Dress to kill, iron and starch your wears. Polish your shoe, smell well, apply perfume and roll-on on your body. Make sure you don't have a bad breath. And make sure you have a job that gives you money, you don't necessarily have to be a millionaire. Now, that is what it means to be dateable.

Now that you are dateable, presentable. You can now walk up to a lady you like confidently on a broad daylight. (Don't approach a lady in the night, unless if she knows you before) but if it's a lady you want to approach for the first time, make sure you approach her during the day. Because most ladies are afraid you might hurt them in the night because you are a stranger.

Secondly, it is not also advisable to approach a lady in the morning because she might be in a hurry going to her working place, she wouldn't want you to stop her in the morning. So the best time you can approach a lady is in the evening when she has probably finish all she has to do and she's returning from work, that's the best time you can approach her.

Now here is the method, Walk up to her and exchange pleasantries, after that, go straight to the point and tell her confidently with a romantic voice. Please can you be my friend? Please don't say no.

If you use this method, 99% of the ladies will not reject. You might not end up dating, but you will probably end up becoming good friends.

Once you are already a friend to a lady, you have 50% chance of getting married to her, if that is what you want out of the relationship.

You guys should learn being a friend to a lady first instead of just walking up to a lady and asking her to start dating you immediately or asking her to marry you on first approach. That is ridiculous but some guys do that a lot.

If you use the friendship approach method most ladies will not reject because nobody wants to make enemies but everybody wants to make friends and when you are friend with a lady you can spark up a serious relationship from that friendship.

Thanks for reading, if you find this helpful please like, share, comment, and follow me.

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