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Husband and wife relationship

Things You Shouldn't Be Pressurized Into Doing Immediately After Tying The Knot

Marriage comes with lots of happiness. The fact that you have been dating for some time and you finally come together as husband and wife is enough reason to be happy.

After the wedding, married couples do things to make each other happy and feel impressed. Some will travel to places they have not been before and some will buy expensive things for their spouses

While all these things are good, there should be a limit to the extent you are willing to spend your money except you have more money in reserve, if not, you should think of having lasting joy with your spouse than a moment of joy that may not last.

The following things are good to do if you have enough money to spare, but I will prefer you apply caution in these areas so that you don't overdo it and regret it later.

Below are things you may not rush to do after wedding.

1. Going on a trip outside the country. If after your wedding, you choose to move around, you can do that in your country and save your balance for future purposes. Moving around for sightseeing is good, but I want you to know that nothing consumes money like going on a trip outside your country. You will book flights, pay for hotel, buy food, go shopping, and before you know it, you have spent millions of naira on a trip when you didn't have a house of your own. Feel free to check first-class flights to other countries online or make inquiries locally and consider what you will be able to achieve with such money.

2. Buying expensive cars. It may surprise you to know that a car is not an asset. It will take more money from you. Buying an expensive car can put you under pressure. If you must buy a car, then buy the one that is good but not too expensive. Consider the maintenance of the car you want to buy. If you give people the impression that you have arrived instead of living joyfully with your newly wedded wife, people may not let you rest because they will keep on asking for your financial help. But when you go for the one that is not too expensive, even your relative will not bother you and they will always appreciate any amount of money you give to them. You can then invest your money into something that will yield increase.

3. Given up on your friends. I am not saying you should be hanging out with your friends after marriage but that you should apply wisdom when you want to disengage with them. Don't make them feel bad that you are married while they are still single. You may need their help tomorrow and they may need your advice too.

If they want to visit you, allow them but you can minimize the number of times you hang out with them. You should not tell them that because you are married, you can't walk with them anymore. Let them learn it themselves and let them keep their distance themselves.

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