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Checkout 2 causes of death during intercourse

Sudden death is a serious social problem and much attention and studies have been conducted to prevent it especially in the young and active. There have been several cases of people dying during intimacy but have you ever wondered what causes it? The act of intercourse (or copulation) can be depleting for both parties involved and that is why the health status of both individuals involved is very important.

 Death can occur during consensual sex for a number of reasons.

-Generally because of the physical strain of the activity

- because of unusual circumstances.

 Death during intercourse can arise due to different factors and some of them include;

 Heart Attack

 Heart attack is another dangerous health condition that can lead to sudden death during sex. It occurs when there is a shortage of blood supply to the heart muscle. It mostly affect men that are over 45 and above. According to research, the widespread cause of death during intercourse is a patient having subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH). It's a form of stroke, where a blood vessel taking blood to the brain bursts during intercourse

 Your heart is one of the vital organs in your body and it is advisable you take care of your heart by eating right, exercising, limiting your alcohol intake, controlling your blood pressure, check blood sugar levels often, maintain good cholesterol levels amongst other things as you age.

 Also It's important that men with erection problems and preexisting heart diseases should consult their doctor before consuming any sex-enhancing drugs. Because these drugs increase the tendency of having a heart attack. Foods that can also trigger heart attacks should be avoided.

 Drug Abuse

 We all know the prevalent issues in our community where youths abuse drugs and other substances ignoring their potential side effects which could be dangerous to health. If I tell you some things young people do when it comes to drugs and sex, you won't believe it!

 Alot of people abuse drugs to boost their performance during sex but this is very wrong. The use of illicit drugs could lead to sudden death during intercourse. Some individuals mix strong drugs (like narcotic painkillers) with alcohol. Some also combine sexual enhancers with alcohol. While some chronic drug users smoke marijuana or cocaine during the action. All in a bid for a climatic experience during copulation. But these hard drugs are only endangering their health. Most especially their heart.

 Excessive intake of narcotic painkillers triggers seizure, respiratory failure and death. Narcotic painkillers are not to be consumed with alcohol because they are central nervous system depressants. Also know that the use of cocaine causes heart attack, convulsions, respiratory depression, and sudden death. If you don't want to die during sex, avoid the abuse of drugs. 

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