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Why Oral Intimacy May Be Bad For The Health.

Oral Intimacy, commonly known as oral s£x is the act of using the mouth, lips or tongues to stimulate the genitals of your partner. Years ago, it was seen as a taboo even among couples but today, it is a common way of having a pleasurable s£x experience.

According to some health experts, oral intimacy is not a safe s£x but however, it can be when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. This is so because, a lady cannot necessary get pregnant through the practice of oral intimacy.

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According to Better Health, the practice of oral s£x without protections can impose more health risks than genital s£x, without condom. This is because, one can come in contact with faeces from the anus during the act, making them exposed to life threatening infections.

When these bacteria are ingested into the body system, they form cysts which multiply with time, causing either bacterial or viral infections as the case may be. Unknown to many people, many sexually transmitted infections are brought about through this means. Below are some of the diseases and infections which could be brought about by oral intimacy:

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1. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV):

Although this infection can go away on its own in most cases, but, a HPV infection brought about by oral intimacy does not easily go away without treatments. The HPV virus has proven to be one of the major causes of cervical cancer in women.

Apart from causing cervical cancer, it can also lead to throat or oral cancers because the virus can easily be transfered through salivas. US studies also have it that more than 50 percent of throat cancers are linked to HPV.

2. Herpes

3. Hepatitis A and B

4. Gonorrhea

5. Syphilis.

All these diseases are some of the health risks one may stand to contract as a result of the practice of oral intimacy.

Conclusively, please consult your doctor when you notice any sign from any of these infections as delay could be dangerous.

Source: Better Health.

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