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Top 3 Signs of fake love in a relationship

If it is, all you need to do now is maintain strengthening your love, keeping honest with each other, drinking enough of water, and treating each other in all the positive ways that will help your relationship to blossom even more. 

Fake love, on the other hand, is not something anyone wants to live with. Unfortunately, some people's relationships are like this. If the connection is based on anything other than a genuine desire to see the other person succeed in every way, if it is based on something fleeting and transient, it is most certainly phony. 


Here are some signs that your relationship's love is artificial.

1. They don't seem to care about you emotionally. 

Fakers have a tendency to be non-communicative in relationships. They'll say little or nothing about what's going on in their lives. They'll also offer excuses for why they "couldn't" communicate, especially if it's difficult. 


The difference between them and someone who truly cares about you is the extra effort required to reach out when things are difficult.

2. Constantly ready to throw in the towel 

Every relationship will experience conflict at some point. It reflects the partners' level of concern for one another. 


Every disagreement, however, necessitates a resolution. 


It's typically a telltale indicator of emotional detachment if you're the only one trying to address any disagreement or problems that develop, and this, of course, is a key symptom you'll find in those who merely have phony love for you. 


They are unconcerned if the connection succeeds or fails.

3. They don't meet you in the middle. 

Are you the one who always makes the plans? Is it possible to check on the other person? Do you want to take on more tasks and such? If so, what, if any, concessions is your partner making? Where are they putting in any effort? 


Relationships and compromise go together like peas and carrots. A lack of effort is a universal sign of apathy, and it's no different in a relationship.

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