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4 things a gentleman needs to do before approaching his dream girl

It is not a new thing that some men face rejections in the process of approaching their dream girls. If you are one of those guys, you need to count yourself lucky because this maiden article is written to list out about 4 important things to do before approaching that your dream girl.

Before I go ahead to list out those four important things that a gentleman needs to do before approaching his dream girl, I want to bring it to your notice that ladies are mostly moved by what they heard. This saying is generally accepted but you have to get the attention of the lady you try to approach before she can listen to what you have to say.

For the fact that you need the attention of the lady you want to approach, I will list out the 4 things you need to do to make her pay attention to you and what you have to say.

1. Dress Decently: without telling you, you need to be aware that ladies nowadays need to dress nice and would also like to date a presentable guy.

2. Be courageous enough: while talking to her, do not be discouraged or think that you are not doing it well. Look straight into her eyes and also give yourself hope that she is yours.

3. Be a flirty guy, and complement her beauty: Ladies love to be around guys that make them blush. If you will make her feel special, she will always want to be around you.

4. Be supportive to her: this is very important in the journey of the relationship. Be a helping hand to your woman, someone she will always want to disclose her weakness to.

If you have these 4 qualities as a gentleman, believe me, you are good to go.

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Dress Decently


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