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Husband and wife relationship

Check Out The Signs, Causes And Prayers Against Marital Delay

There are causes of marital delay which could be physical or spiritual. They are listed below.

1. Sins

2. Attitude

3. Generational curse

4. Evil covenant

5. Spirit husband/wife

6. Family non acceptance.

Signs of marital delay are:

1. Rejection in relationship

2. Having sexual intercourse in the dream

3. Been approached by married people

4. Family pattern

These are the prayers to pray for marital delay

1. I destroy every generational curse of delayed marriage by the blood of Jesus.

2. I destroy every evil of covenant of lateness in marriage in Jesus name

3. Father, in your mercy break the yoke of delayed marriage working in my life.

4. I nullify every evil spell in my life by the blood of Jesus.

5. I decree I am free by the blood of Jesus.

6. I destroy every works of spirit husband/wife in my life.

7. Cycle of marital delay in my family is broken in Jesus name.

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